Services We Provide

At the Organisation for Internet Compliance we provide a wide range of services to help other organisations in their fight to make the Internet a safer place for all, and to make it easier for users to report illegal websites.

Expert advice/Consultancy

We provide expert analysis on the way the online industry currently operates and what can realistically be done to limit illegal activity. We also have a vast database of potentially illegal sites - and the connections to identify who actually runs them. We have software systems, plugins and apps to make it easier for users to report illegal online activity. These will be released shortly once integration into the systems of the relevant authorities has been established.

System Design

We create digital and other systems to combat illegal activity online. These range from using AI to identify illegal content on sites to image 'hashing' to identify illegal images.

Communication channels

Communication Channels

With our connections within the darker side of the Internet we act as a channel of communication to the biggest players in this arena. We can speak with the operators of websites who would probably never talk to the authorities. This is often useful in finding out in advance how webmasters plan to circumvent legislation or new policing technologies.

Legal Help

We partner with BLM Corporate Law (based in Manchester and London) to provide legal services to the online adult industry who find themselves needing legal expertise - especially in the field of adult verification issues resulting from the introduction of the Digital Economy Act.
BLM (Manchester)
BLM (London)

Age Verification

We can help with choosing the most appropriate and effective age verification methods available today and educate industry and government on the ways children and adult webmasters are preparing to defeat age verification systems.


As ‘poachers turned gamekeepers’ we are committed to making the Internet a safer place and can use our 25 years experience in the industry to help others make the world a safer place.

If you would like to discuss any of our services we would love to hear from you. You can contact us HERE