safer internet

The Organisation for Internet Compliance is an organisation set up with the intention to make the Internet  a safer place for all.

The Internet is currently an unregulated arena in which many illegal activities take place. Whilst ‘traditional’ crime is decreasing across the Western World criminals are moving their focus to the Internet, and so the focus of policing needs to change to reflect this. This organisation intends to enable web users to easily (and anonymously) report offending websites to relevant authorities.

Few internet users currently know how to report a website they have visited which they feel contains illegal content. A telephone call to the police is usually the first consideration, but fear of being identified and asked difficult questions puts most people off.

Police forces currently have limited resources and little expertise in dealing with cyber crime. This is where we can help! We have developed systems to make it easier for users to report illegal websites – either by reporting them here on this site or via a downloadable plugin that adds a ‘report’ button to your web browser.

We are also running a campaign to encourage owners of adult websites to display a link to so people addicted to pornography can seek help.

Orgic - Our Vision and Mission Statement

The vision of ORGIC is to make the Internet a safer place for all

ORGIC is a ‘not for profit’ Social Enterprise Company with a mission to

  • Promote initiatives that make the Internet a safer environment by encouraging operators of websites to implement policies and stragegies that reduce harmful content being viewed
  • Make it easier for users to report offending websites to the relevant authorities.
  • Provide help and support for those people who have been harmed by content found online
  • Raise awareness of the potential for addiction to content found online.
  • Encourage advocacy with government at all levels to create a regulatory and policy environment that is supportive to a safer Internet

Our Core Values

  • Respect and Human Dignity – is the super ordinate goal that guides everything we do.
  • We offer opportunities and service that empower individuals to enhance their lives.
  • Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Behaviour – means basing one’s actions on an internally consistent set of principles. One is said to have integrity to the extent that everything one does and believes is based on the same core set of values. At ORGIC, this is articulated in responsibility and accountability.
  • Innovation – means creativity and “outside the box” thinking in order to provide professionalism, passion and self sufficiency in everything we do.
  • Equity and Fairness – we value equity of access and opportunity for all.
  • Entrepreneurial Risk-Taking – we are willing and able to identify opportunities, assess their risk/benefit mix, and reach consensus regarding whether a risk is or is not justified.
  • Pursuit of Excellence – at ORGIC, we strive to achieve the highest quality in service / program delivery and in recognized effective business practices.
  • Collaboration and Cooperation – we value cooperation, working well with others, partnership. This assumes an open mind, effective communication, seeking the understanding of other parties’ needs, interaction, and focusing on developing solutions.

We operate – An organisation set up to help  users who suffer from an addiction to online adult content. We encourage adult web operators to be responsible and show warnings and information on their sites as well as providing help and information to sufferers.

We operate – An organisation set up to help users who suffer from an addiction to Social Media, Mobile Phones, Gaming and online Gambling. We provide help and advice to addicts and their family/friends as well as listing counselors and therapists who can help